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Reserve Study Resources for Property Managers

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Here's the form: RDA RFP Form

About completing the form...
Possibly the single most important thing we need to know is whether the board has
already identified the specific components they want included their study.  Or, do they want a
Comprehensive Scope reserve study which they can review, then tailor to fund only the items for
which they ultimately determine to fund by means of replacement reserves.  
So, it’s important
to click one of those two buttons...
Reserve Study Project strategies: Comprehensive Scope or Selective Scope.

Submitting the form...
When using an email program installed on your computer, such as Outlook, upon
completing the form you simply click the Submit Request button & it should open a new email--
automatically addressed to us with a copy of the RFP already attached!  You can add remarks or
attach other files (like PDF project site maps?) and then shoot it right off to us.

When using an online mail program like Gmail or Hotmail the ‘Submit’ button simply will not
work the same way.  You must save a copy of the RFP (perhaps in your client’s folder), then
logon to your mail account and send an email (with file attached) to:

Reserve Study Updates
Because all our data is stored electronically, and we already have the inventory details.
Updates to your RDA Report are relatively inexpensive.  The typical cost for an update, at 2-3
year intervals, is roughly half the cost of an original Full Study, including an on-site visit to
reexamine and assess the condition of the reserve components.  Our update worksheet form
simplifies getting us the information we need to complete the updated analysis & report.
RDA Update Worksheets

Helping your clients get their first reserve study underway.
If your board elects to proceed with an RDA reserve analysis, they'll probably count on you to get
us what we need to get started.  So we made a checklist for you.  Just send along as much of the
information as is available and applicable.  For example, if the client has opted for a Selective
Scope study, limited to their specific roster of reserve components, there is no need to send us
copies of their governing documents...  If you have any questions just give us a call.
RDA Checklist
Starting Reserve Balance Worksheet

Need information for your clients? No Problem.
Check our What Are Reserves, Why Reserve, and Frequently Asked Questions pages.  
There you will find information on reserves, their importance, reserve requirements as dictated by
governing documents (and statutes where applicable), answers to frequently asked questions,
clarification of common misconceptions, and common points we have found can help to make
homeowners and board members see things from a new perspective.

Sample RDA condominium and HOA reserve study reports.
Sample HOA Reserve Study
Sample Condo Reserve Study
Sample Reserve Component Funding Matrix
Sample Reserve Study Spreadsheet

Booklet: RDA Midwest Regional Headquarters, Minneapolis
Introduction to Reserve Data Analysis

As always, if you need anything, don't hesitate to call as we'll be happy to assist you.

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