Reserve Data Analysis, Inc.  
Welcome to the RDA Midwest Regional Headquarters, Minneapolis

Reserve Study Experts: Tens of thousands of reserve studies since 1983.

Our Reserve Specialists go far beyond National Reserve Study Standards
because we strive to exceed your expectations.

We are committed to providing our clients with the most detailed, comprehensive and
meaningful reserve studies possible.  Your RDA reserve study will be custom-tailored to match
your plans, policies, procedures and intentions.
                                                        Gregory L. Pettersen, PRA, RS

Gregory L. Pettersen, PRA, RS        
President, CEO

Jonathan R. Pettersen, RS
Project Manager

Community associations rely on qualified reserve professionals to assist them in extensive
strategic planning to keep their communities running smoothly and protect property values.

Two organizations issue credentials to qualified reserve analysts, the Community Associations
Institute (CAI) and the Association of Professional Reserve Analysts.

RS™ - Designation of the Community Associations Institute
CAI Standards

PRA™ - Designation of the Association of Professional Reserve Analysts
APRA Standards
Reserve Data Analysis, Inc
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Gregory L. Pettersen, PRA, RA
CAI RS Designation number 55.
PRA, designation of the Association of Professional Reserve Amalysts.