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Reserve Study Experts: Tens of thousands of
reserve studies since 1983.

Your RDA Reserve Study provides a detailed and comprehensive inventory of all your
major assets which will eventually require replacement together with a payment plan that allows
your Association to achieve your desired funding goal with the lowest possible monthly

RDA Comprehensive Scope reserve studies begin with a review of the client's operating
guidelines and other governing documents to help determine the extent of the client's
maintenance and reserve obligations.

During an on-site examination, we compile a highly detailed inventory of all assets for which the
client is responsible.

Using localized cost guides, economic and investment parameters and our detailed inventory of
the client's assets, we produce a complete reserve analysis study which includes detail reports
for each asset, a 30 year annual expenditure detail, a reserve fund status report, a required
monthly contribution report, thirty-year projections and much more!

RDA Reserve Analysis Services:

  • Your choice of project strategy: Comprehensive Scope and Selective Scope.
  • Retroactive Reserve Study -- Analysis of reserves at time of developer turnover.
  • Minnesota Housing Improvement Area Project scope analysis, consultation & capital
    reserve budget preparation.
  • Reserve Budget Consulting and Analysis.
  • Project scope analysis and reserve study for association loan applications.
  • Comparative reserve analysis with multiple funding scenarios for Adequate Funding.
  • FREE Fully Functional Reserve Study Spreadsheet, with formulae, so you can test
    unlimited alternate funding scenarios or make on-the-fly adjustments! Included with each
    Mpls office RDA Reserve Study.

Sample HOA Reserve Study
Sample Condo Reserve Study
Sample Reserve Component Funding Matrix
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