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Resources & Tidbits

Interesting survey data on common-interest communities in the US.
U.S. Common Interest Community Facts

A booklet describing our company and our reserve studies.
RDA Introduction

All reserve studies are not created equal... Not even ours!
Reserve Study Project Strategies

A brief overview of reserve budgeting.
Reserve Primer

Board member? You're responsible for other people's homes, don't mess it up.
The Board's Duty To Fund Reserves

What are the "Association's" obligations? How are you going to pay for them?
You can manage owner expectations with a concise summary table of maintenance
responsibilities that identify how, when and from whom the association collects money
for it's obligations.  
Example Maintenance and Funding Matrix

The Community Associations Institute
CAI is a nonprofit association created in 1973 to educate and represent the nation's 300,000+
community associations – Condominiums, Cooperatives, and Homeowner Associations.  
Members include homeowners, associations, related professionals, and service providers.
CAI Website
CAI's National List of Chapters
CAI Code Of Ethics & National Standards

The Association of Professional Reserve Analysts
APRA is the world's trade organization for reserve study professionals.  APRA hosts an annual
Symposium for continuing education, provides credentialing and produces a newsletter that is
circulated to thousands of community associations and managers.
APRA Website
APRA Standards
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