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Why should your association Reserve?
Because simply covering annual operating expenses is not enough!  

  • You know what your monthly operating expenses are, but future replacement of major
    equipment and components in your project require scheduled reserve funding.

  • Failing to plan is a plan for failure. Special assessments are often substantial, usually
    unpleasant, and frequently unfair; especially for those living on a fixed income. A
    detailed and comprehensive reserve study can help reduce or eliminate the need for
    such assessments.

  • Many governing documents (and some state laws) for common interest developments
    require community associations to conduct a reserve study or maintain adequate
    reserve funding.  For example, the Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act, statute
    515B.3-1141, requires the association board include adequate replacement reserve
    funds in the annual budget.  Further, the board must reevaluate the adequacy of their
    reserve funding at three-year intervals (minimum).  Also, Resale Disclosures and Annual
    reports must contain fairly detailed information for prospective buyers and homeowners.
    Other states have varying requirements. Your association governing documents
    probably contain similar, or related, language.

    Without an analysis, you can neither know nor
    demonstrate that your reserves are adequate.  
    If you are unsure, or know your funds are inadequate, our
    services are essential.

  • RDA's Comprehensive Scope reserve studies begin with an analysis of the client's
    governing documents and other operating guidelines to help determine the extent of the
    client's maintenance and reserve requirements.  During an on-site inspection, we
    complete a detailed inventory of all assets for which the association is responsible.

  • For clients who have already defined their roster of reserve components, and do not
    desire a review of their governing documents, we offer the Selective Scope study limited
    to the client-specified components.

  • Using localized cost guides, economic and investment parameters and our detailed
    inventory of the client's assets, we produce a complete reserve analysis study which
    includes detail reports for each asset, a reserve fund status report, a required monthly
    contribution report, and 30-year projections.

  • All RDA clients receive our complete dedication throughout the report generation
    process, and we continue to offer our support and guidance throughout the entire year.
    We are available to answer all of your questions regarding reserve budgeting and long-
    term planning, including the most complex questions, starting with "What if…?"

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