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Reserve Study Experts: Tens of thousands of
reserve studies since 1983.
  • Choice of reserve study project strategy: Comprehensive Scope and Selective Scope.
  • Retroactive Reserve Studies -- Analysis of reserves at time of declarant turnover.
  • Minnesota Housing Improvement Area scope planning, consulting & capital budget.
  • Reserve Budget Consulting and Analysis.
  • Association loan project scope analysis, planning and application support documentation.
  • Comparative reserve analysis plans with multiple funding scenarios for Adequate Funding.
  • FREE Fully Functional Reserve Study Spreadsheet with formulae, so you can make on-
    the-fly adjustments or test unlimited alternate funding scenarios! Included with each Mpls
    office RDA Reserve Study.
Professional Reserve Planners
We’re experts in reserve budgeting and long-
term planning for community associations,
timeshare resorts, and more.

By custom tailoring a strategy that matches
your plans, policies, procedures and
goals we can provide you with the most
detailed, comprehensive and valuable
reserve study available.
The World's Original Reserve Study Company
As the very first U.S. Company in the field of financial reserve planning and budgeting for
common interest developments, we are innovators in providing our clients with the most
detailed, comprehensive and useful reserve studies available. Since 1983, RDA has
prepared tens of thousands of reserve studies for countless thousands of clients
throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and Europe.
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How may we help you today?
RDA reserve studies are custom tailored to each client's unique plans, policies, procedures and intentions.
Reserve Data Analysis provides reserve studies for homeowner associations (HOA's),
community associations, condominium associations, timeshares, resorts, industrial parks, and
other common interest communities (CIC's).  We are members of the Community Associations
Institute (CAI), and the Association of Professional Reserve Analysts (APRA).  RDA is credited
as being the first professional reserve study company in the United States and the author of
the first reserve study software program specifically designed for the preparation of reserve
studies and reserve budgets.

A reserve study is a long-range maintenance plan, usually created by a reserve study
company or reserve study provider for a community association, homeowners association,
condominium association, timeshare or other CIC.  The reserve study is used as an aid in the
development of an association’s long-range budget.  The reserve study consists of a physical
component evaluation, a financial condition analysis and evaluation of one or more funding
plan scenarios to address the client's long-term liabilities.

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