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What are Reserves?
Reserves are the money an association accrues over time to pay for ongoing wear and tear of
community assets that inevitably must be refurbished or replaced.  

A Reserve Study is an in-depth analysis of the association's physical components together with
an evaluation of your accumulated reserve savings and ongoing funding plan.  

Among other things, a Reserve Study provides a fiscally responsible plan which allows you to
make small monthly contributions to your reserve account in order to have sufficient funding
available when each asset needs to be repaired or replaced.   

Special assessments, which are often substantial and usually unfairly apportioned, are no
longer required each time an asset needs replacement.  And there's no guessing as to how
long a component will last or how much it will cost.

A Comprehensive Scope RDA Reserve Study provides:
●  An analysis of your governing documents and other operating guidelines to help you
determine the full extent of your maintenance and reserve funding responsibilities.

●  A detailed and complete inventory of all assets for which the association is responsible.    .

●  A complete collection of detail reports for each asset showing placed in service date, useful
life, replacement year, quantity, unit cost, percentage replacement, current cost, future cost,
accumulated reserves, salvage value, required monthly contribution to reserves, accumulated
interest, net monthly allocation, and remarks detailing factors such as design, manufacture
quality, usage, exposure to the elements and maintenance history.

●  A long-term budgeting guide providing highly-accurate thirty-year projections listing total
current replacement costs, annual membership contributions, annual expenditures, projected
and ideal ending reserves and yearly percentages of ideal funding. In addition, color graphs
make the projected data easy to read and use for planning purposes.

●  A payment plan which enables your association to satisfy its financial obligations with the
lowest possible monthly contributions to reserves. Adequate funding
and low association fees.

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